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Thomas a Kempis prayer

Blogger Craig Adams at Commonplace Holiness Blog shares A Prayer for Today (Thomas a Kempis)

Write thy blessed name, O Lord, upon my heart
there to remain so indelibly engraved,
that no prosperity, no adversity
shall ever move me from thy love.

Be thou to me a strong tower of defense,
a comforter in tribulation
a deliverer in distress,
a very present help in trouble,
and a guide to heaven
through the many temptations and dangers of this life.

Commonplace Holiness Blog

In his studies at Oxford, John Wesley read Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ, written by the German prior, copyist and writer who lived in the 1400s at the Monastery of Mount St. Agnes. The Imitation of Christ is a handbook for spiritual life.


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