Blogger review of Calvin v Wesley

Blogger Allan Bevere at the Faith Seeking Understanding blog looks at Don Thorsen’s book Calvin Vs. Wesley: Bringing Belief in Line with Practice. Bevere draws out the comparisons between Calvin and Wesley on issues such as

  • Authority of Scripture
  • Predestination
  • Grace
  • Salvation
  • Holiness
  • the Church

Calvin believed that God unilaterally acted on behalf of human beings, saving them from a totally depraved state of sin. Wesley believed that God initiated salvation, enables it by grace, and completes the salvation of people. According to Wesley, God does not unilaterally save people, God expects people to cooperate in salvation, since it involves a genuine, uncoerced choice to become reconciled to God. The choice is not a natural ability; God makes it possible by graciously permitting people to choose to accept salvation, to have a personal relationship with God, and to love freely. Such freedom continues throughout the lives of Christians, always by God’s grace, giving them hope of growing into greater Christlikeness and of expressing love to God and others, individually and socially

Calvin v Wesley: A quotable review

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