Wesley loved Bible, read extensively

Pastor Allan Bevere in his Faith Seeking Understanding blog writes that Wesley famously noted he was a man of one book.

In the Preface to his Sermons, Wesley talked about the importance of the Bible, especially for the sake of salvation, and he famously described himself as homo unius libri (Latin, “A man of one book”)

Bevere notes that Wesley was a well read university graduate who demanded that his church leaders were well read.

Wesley was an Oxford University tutor who was well aware of church history, including its ecclesiastical and theological developments. He read, edited, and wrote vast numbers of books, and required that pastors and lay leaders he supervised read widely from the classics of Western civilization, logic, and rhetoric as well as the Bible in preparing them to provide leadership in churches and ministry

John Wesley: a man of one book?

The Wesley Center Online at Northwest Nazarene University offers Wesley’s Christian Library.


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