Reading about John Wesley

I have begun collecting books about John Wesley. I have been able to find them quicker than I find time to read them. Living near Duke University, I have had Duke students/graduates recommend books by faculty.

I really liked the Barrie Tabraham book The Making of Methodism. Of late, I have been reading a compilation of Wesley writings by Albert Outler. Here are some of the books I’ve picked up. I would love your suggestions.

Wesley and the People Called Methodists
Richard P. Heitzenrater

Mirror and Memory
Richard P. Heitzenrater

Aldersgate Reconsidered
Randy Maddox

The Methodist Conference in America
Russell Richey

The Making of Methodism
Barrie Tabraham

John Wesley (Ambassador Classic Biographies)
Telford, John

John Wesley: Holiness of Heart and Life
Charles Yrigoyen

John Wesley (Library of Protestant Thought)
Wesley, John, Outler, A. C.

John Wesley’s Sermons: An Introduction
Albert C. Outler

The Young Mr. Wesley A Study of John Wesley and Oxford
V H H Green

Wesley and the Quadrilateral: Renewing the Conversation
Ted A. Campbell

Wesleyan Essentials in a Multicultural Society
Ted A. Campbell

Recapturing the Wesleys’ Vision: An Introduction to the Faith of John and Charles Wesley
Chilcote, Paul Wesley

The Soul of Methodism: The Class Meeting in Early New York City Methodism
Hardt, Rev. Philip F.

Robert Strawbridge, First American Methodist Circuit Rider
Maser, Frederick E.

The Journal of John Wesley: As Abridged By Nehemiah Curnock
Wesley, John; Nehemiah Curnock

A Perfect Love: Understanding John Wesley’s “”A Plain Account of Christian Perfection
Steven W. Manskar, Diana L. Hynson, Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki

John Wesley and the Methodists
Davey, Cyril

Wesley’s Chapel (Pride of Britain)
Wollen, R.


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